Sunday Spirals

I’m going to mop

I should dig out all the crud under the baseboards that the mop/vacuum miss

It’s dirty behind the TV I’ll clean there

The wires back here are messy because I didn’t re-tidy them after getting the Switch

I need a shorter HDMI cable

There’s a lot of stuff in this box I don’t use or think about any more

Why do I keep so many possessions that are for a life I don’t live any more??

existential crisis

I need space for the projects that do reflect who I am right now

I need to reorganize the garage

I need shelves to do that but I don’t have the money for shelves

Why don’t I earn enough to support the basic tasks I want to accomplish?

What does it mean when everyone buys into an economic system that doesn’t value my work?

existential crisis

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